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CPG Brand Colors – Why is Diet always so boring?

February 10, 2009 4 comments

Head to the soda (pop, whatever) aisle of your local supermarket and take a look around. It makes for a fascinating study in branding, color trends, and CPG marketing in general.

Recently, I noticed something obvious, yet never really discussed. For each brand or flavor of soda, there is a distinct color, logo, and tone in design. With each brand’s diet flavor though every brand I could find did the exact same thing – took the normal style, and made it grey. They took out the color, desaturated the packaging, or just generally swapped neutral colors in for the bright bold colors the regular brands get. Some examples:

Comparison of regular and diet soda cans

Comparison of regular and diet soda cans

Is that really the best that millions of dollars ad budgets and legions of designers, art directors, marketing people, and brand managers can come up with? It gives you the distinct impression that the diet version will be a blander, less fun, less bold version of the regular. I understand you want to retain the value of the original, but surely there’s value in distinguishing the diet flavor as its own product, not simply to be a watered down, less interesting version of the regular?

Let’s see some originality here; there’s no rule (I’ve ever seen at least) that says diet soda has to look and feel just like regular soda. Give it a brand, give it its own personality! From my experience the consumer who regularly purchases diet soda may not even be interested in the regular version. Should they not be engaged and treated as well as the consumer interested in the regular equivalent?

2007: The Year of the CPG?

December 12, 2007 Leave a comment

An Ad Age piece from yesterday trumpets very good news for our market. Ad Age and ComScore report that packaged goods had quite a year in 2007 with traffic to industry websites growing twice as fast as the U.S. internet population.

What does this mean? For one – CPG has finally caught up with the big dogs of digital marketing. Packaged goods advertising has long been considered lagging in the digital age. According to Ad Age, ComScore attributes most of the surge to searching AND online display advertising (like banner ads on high-traffic sites). Ad Age says:

Unique visitors to package-goods brand websites soared 10% compared with a year ago in the third quarter to 66.4 million, according to data shared exclusively with Ad Age by ComScore.

The tally is double the 5% rise in the U.S. internet users to 181.9 million. Much of the growth comes from food marketers, who occupied all 10 of the top spots in ComScore’s third-quarter industry scorecard.

Less important – but plenty interesting – is this hypothesis: The new influx of grocery store staples finally finding their way online will come with a heaping helping of controversy where children’s marketing is concerned. With television ads for kid-geared products becoming more and more scrutinized by the FCC and watchdog organizations, many advertisers are finding that pitching to kids online has plenty of benefits – and they’re seeing results.