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A SEO Site and Program is Critical for CPG Food Brands

April 23, 2008 Leave a comment

A 2007 study by comScore, Yahoo, and the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) on behalf of Procter & Gamble, analyzed the role of online search in generating website traffic. Highlights of the study include:

CPG food Consumers Rely Heavily on Search

    Almost half (47%) of CPG food site visitors come from search

CPG Search Traffic

Why do CPG Searchers search?

    73% of searchers were motivated by product research.
    64% were seeking help with the purchase decision.
    47% were looking for promotions.

The payoff: CPG Searchers Spend More

    Searchers spent approximately 20% more than non-searchers.

How to Maximize your CPG site’s search results
Even with those overwhelming statistics, most CPG sites fall short in search for many reasons — none of which are valid. To make sure your site is receiving its fair share of search, engage a professional firm, like DigitalDay, to:

    Analyze and optimize your site’s structure to help search engines effectively crawl through your site and categorize your pages.
    Research the appropriate keywords and phrases consumers would use to find your category — and then implement those keywords properly within your site.
    Embark on a link-building program to increase your site’s link score (a very important search ranking criteria).
    Promote your online promotions and online coupons through consumer-oriented message boards and blogs.

“Organic Juice” — a DigitalDay Case Study
Employing these techniques, DigitalDay has helped two clients achieve #1 and #2 results consistently for more than two years for their most important keywords driving more than 70% of their traffic through search.

Organic Juice Search Results