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DigitalDay’s Winter Site Refresh is Live, along with Silly Holiday Video

December 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Arriving home from a great meeting in Chicago this evening, I popped on the DigitalDay web site to and saw that the DigitalDay Winter Refresh was live. This was a great group effort by everyone in the agency, with this iteration of our site’s design led by Ganbold.

In addition to the seasonal face lift to this one-page site, we updated our client list, added new portfolio pieces, posted new job openings (YES, We’re HIRING!!!) and interjected the personalties of the DigitalDay teammates.

The fun part to this refresh was the creation of the “12 Days of Email” video, embedded on our site which is part of our online Holiday Greeting Card. If you’re not on our mailing list, visit DigitalDay to opt in to our e-mail list.

And now, through the wonders of YouTube, here’s DigitalDay’s “12 Days of Email”: