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“What’s My Dog’s Breed?” Game Debuts

September 25, 2008 Leave a comment

One of the first questions a mixed-breed dog owner asks their vet is “what kind of dog do you think he/she is?” Typically, the vet eyeballs the dog and makes a guess. Today, a more scientific approach is available form Mars, Incorporated through their Wisdom Panel™ Mixed Breed Analysis test — a genetic analysis of the dog through a simple blood test that identifies more than 130 AKC recognized dog breeds to provide the owner with fairly accurate results.

To help promote the Wisdom Panel MX test, DigitalDay created the “What’s My Dog’s Breed?” Game. The game is based on the old way of breed identification — eyeballing a dog, looking at its ears, tail and muzzle, and then making guesses as to what the breed mix might be. Our goal with the game was to show how difficult it is to guess correctly and that the only way to know for sure is with a genetic test — driving consumers to the website where they can buy the test online and then take to their vet for the blood work.

"What's My Dog's Breed?" Game at

We developed the game by leveraging existing assets from the Wisdom Panel website and the test result reports. The site went live today thanks to the hard work by Heather, Adam, Dave, Ganbold, Will and everyone else at DigitalDay who helped tweak and test.