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B-to-B Web Client gives “Tip-of-the-Cap” to DigitalDay

March 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Our client, Closure Systems International, the world’s largest bottle cap manufacturer, is pretty proud of their new website. They just sent us the following press release where they give us a very nice mention. We thought we’d share:

MARCH 28, 2013 – INDIANAPOLIS – Closure Systems International, in conjunction with their online marketing agency – DigitalDay, recently launched a redesigned website (, enabling users to quickly find information with efficiency and ease.  With a fresh and inviting new look, the site delivers information on CSI products using powerful new search capabilities and tools.  Also importantly, the website serves as an entry portal for CSI’s e-commerce customers (, includes a CSI Careers link, and highlights important CSI sustainability initiatives.

“CSI has commercialized many new closures and equipment offerings across its product portfolio in the last few years.  To assist our customers in evaluating and choosing the ideal closure options for their packages, we redesigned our website to deliver a wealth of updated information quickly and easily,” said Jane Haywood-Rollins, CSI Global Marketing Services Manager.  “We simplified the navigation process so that visitors can now find what they need efficiently, using fewer clicks.”  The CapFinder feature enables easy customized searches by market, application process, bottle finish, closure diameter, closure material, brand name, and package type.

Closure Systems International

The new site also underscores the value CSI brings to its customers through a system of carefully matched closure and capping solutions. The site explains how CSI helps their customers maximize their profits by enhancing the marketability of their brands and by increasing capping efficiency – thereby reducing their total cost of operations. Included are product detail pages for all CSI closure profiles, capping equipment offerings, and global technical services.

“A key goals in the design and development of the new CSI website was to create a best-in-class experience to ultimately increase sales leads and conversions,” said Mark Vitullo, Strategy & Marketing Partner at DigitalDay. “To do this, we employed today’s best-practices for usability, search engine optimization and language translation – built on Sitecore CMS, a powerful content management and marketing automation platform.”

The next upgrade to the site, which is already under development, will offer content in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese languages.  Visit CSI’s redesigned website at

About CSI

Closure Systems International, Inc. (CSI) is recognized as a global leader in closure design, manufacturing, and high speed application systems.  In addition to quality closures and capping equipment, CSI provides unparalleled customer and technical services globally.  Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonics, teas, adult beverages, dairy, foods, and automotive fluids.

CSI’s closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.  In its 30 locations worldwide, CSI employs approximately 3,800 people.  CSI is part of Reynolds Packaging Division, an operating division of the Rank Group.  Visit CSI’s website at

About DigitalDay

Since 1998, DigitalDay has been known as one of the Midwest’s premier web design firms.  Based in Cleveland, OH, DigitalDay is a full-service online marketing agency, providing strategic counsel and exceptional creative and technical support to some of the country’s most respected national and regional marketers.  A Certified Sitecore Partner, clients rely on DigitalDay to be their online marketing experts – by augmenting their marketing staff to collaboratively develop strategy upon which design solutions are derived, technology is implemented, and customer’s online programs are maintained.  To learn more, visit or find us on Facebook.

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Three Links About Mobile Optimized Email That Changed My Life

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

by Shane Geisheimer

Here at DigitalDay, we’ve been talking about optimizing for mobile devices a lot lately. Most of that conversation has centered around Mobile Website Optimization and Responsive Website Design for the Mobile Web. As part of that, it’s been a natural segue into optimizing Email for Mobile Devices.

In a survey (of 1) of my email Inbox I looked at 10 emails from recognizable Brands and surprisingly found that 0 for 10 these emails that were optimized for mobile devices.

You may ask, why is that surprising? Shouldn’t big brands with large budgets be dedicating a portion of their budget to developing mobile optimized experiences? I mean c’mon, they spend countless hours of resource time optimizing for open rates and click-through rates by Multivariate testing and Subject Line testing. But when you think about what changes you have to make to optimize for mobile devices you start to understand more about why this fundamental shift hasn’t taken place in email design.


First of all, it takes some CSS ninja skills to pull it off and most companies don’t have the kind of experts we do on staff . . . but that’s not the reason.

If you take a closer look at what the structure of a Mobile Email Design requires, the light bulb goes off. For more than a decade designers and marketers have been trying to create an environment where email recipients can get relevant content from the Brands in a newsletter-like format, where they can get previews and click for more information. In fact many marketers call their monthly emails, Email Newsletters. Actually, we’re just as guilty of doing this. But the reality is that emails ought to be nothing more than a notification that triggers a response, at the most basic level. 

We spend time tweaking and optimizing the content to convert to clicks, like any other form of digital marketing. Wait a minute, keywords… optimize, convert and clicks. Bingo! Email needs to intice people to click on it. We’ve seen approaches from all images, to text-heavy structure. But if you take the content and break it down you have images, text and links. A more responsive layout therefore takes the content and in a smaller viewport/screen size stacks the content… just like it does in a Mobile Web Browser.

So what is the real reason that this paradigm shift hasn’t taken place? Simple, the Email/Web Design Community has not truly embraced designing to accomodate a Mobile Optimized layout. This takes a modular approach and with it comes a drastically different way of approaching an Email Design than is traditionally done today. Brand marketers simply have not taken this approach and therefore emails continue to be disseminated as “old-school” layouts.

So what are these 3 links that I speak of?

  1. The first outlines the secret sauce to pull this off technically:  Make Your HTML Email 5½ Times More Mobile Friendly
  2. The second gets down and dirty with how this concept can be brought to life and business cases for it:  Email + Mobile
  3. And the 3rd puts it all into perspective: Email Client Market Share: New Stats


So how do we get from ground zero to becoming experts? Well the first thing is to go out to these sites, sign-up for their newsletters and begin seeing real world examples:
Again, this isn’t far off from Responsive Design for Mobile Web. So similar rules apply.
How do we truly embrace this? Most importantly, we need to continue to educate our clients to get them to break the old paradigms and demonstrate improved results. Secondly, we need to challenge our information architects, designers and developers to think mobile in everything they do.

We’ve embraced the second part here at DigitalDay — now it’s up to the clients.



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Stop Talking. Start Doing

Analysis Paralysis — we see it so often, specifically when it comes to launching online marketing initiatives. Sure, it’s important to minimize risks and that’s what a good process will help to do. But all risk can’t be eliminated. Fortunately, digital marketing allows you to test, react and adjust.

We’ve always been a proponent of “Launch & Learn” because if you wait for an online strategy, or a website concept, or a social media plan to be perfect, you’ll always be late to the game.

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Sitecore CMS — a Perfect Match for Well-Branded Websites

July 1, 2010 4 comments

Since 1997, we at DigitalDay have developed or integrated a myriad of Content Management Systems (CMS) on behalf of our clients – some have been good, some not so, and others . . . ridiculous.

Finally, through our partnership with Sitecore, we’ve found a robust .NET CMS solution that allows us to maintain a brand’s design quality and integrity while giving our clients the self-help ability to maintain centralized control of brand and web communication strategies – at a very affordable price point.

We Know of What We Speak

Over the years, we had mixed experiences with several different flavors of CMS applications. Some were better than others, but here’s our take:

  • Interwoven – a massively complex and expensive enterprise CMS product implemented for GE Plastics & Sherwin-Williams
  • SharePoint – a difficult to customize to a brand’s look and feel collaboration platform requiring expensive programming resources
  • Ektron – a medium price-point .Net CMS that’s cumbersome to style properly for old-time sites like OE Connection
  • Kentico – an inexpensive, web-parts-based CMS requiring specialized training for the likes of Mars, Inc. and the Transworld Advertsing Agency Network
  • Custom CMS – implemented on a small scale for client’s like Penton Publication’s Fire Protection Magazine and on a larger scale for the J.M. Smucker Company’s Recipe and Product databases across dozens of their brand’s sites

We Love Sitecore, and Our Client’s Do, Too

As a Certified Sitecore Developer, DigitalDay has now designed and developed several Sitecore powered websites with great results.

  • Our .Net developers have been impressed with its flexibility to allow them to customize it in virtually limitless ways for our clients, without having to “fight” it or engineer cumbersome work-arounds.
  • Our designers like it because they have no restrictions in bringing a brand to life
  • Our clients love it because it has such a great variety of features and allows them to manage content in intuitive ways.

We find ourselves recommending Sitecore to our clients over and over again because it’s a powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective CMS.

About Sitecore

Sitecore’s CMS is one of today’s fastest growing and fully supported Microsoft .Net content management software solutions available enabling us to deliver compelling web experiences for our clients.

With Sitecore, we can help organizations create websites that are interactive and rich in functionality, yet easy to edit and update so that Marketing Departments maintain control of their organization’s brand sites.

In addition to a powerful workflow, advanced security, search engine friendly optimization and XML flexibility, some of Sitecore’s other key features include:

  • Rapid .NET Development to minimize time to launch and custom programming costs

  • In-Line editing lets editors simply click on parts of the website to edit, without complications.
  • Visitor profiling and Multivariate Testing to develop a 360-degree understanding of your visitors, campaigns and the performance of your website itself.
  • Real-Time Personalization to dynamically target content delivery based on a visitor’s profile
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to identify new and active prospects and nurture leads
  • An Open API with the code completely exposed to eliminate proprietary approaches to content organization and presentation
  • Strict Separation of Content from Presentation so we can style content for desktops or mobile devices with ease
  • Multi-Site Management for marketers with one to hundreds of brand sites, editors or contributors throughout an organization
  • Robust Language Translation Support to tailor messages to the language of global visitors
  • Rich Integration Capabilities to easily tie in to 3rd Party applications such as email marketing services like Silverpop, DigitalDay’s email service provider, or

A Scalable CMS for Small, Medium and Gigantic Organizations

Sitecore’s mix of powerful marketing and business features, rich development support and scalability make it an ideal solution for small business to the largest enterprise class organizations.

With DigitalDay’s strategic counseling, design and Certified Sitecore Development capabilities, we’ll help you create a best-in-class, compelling web experience for your brand’s visitors.

Download these Sitecore resources:

To see examples of our Sitecore designed websites, visit these client sites:, the #1 Bakery Brand in Ohio, the makers of Duck Tape, America’s Largest Swing Set Manufacturer, a 2nd Sitecore installation for our client Backyard Discovery., a Premium Painter’s tape

Compound W for Skin Tags, Canadian Brand Website with French Translation

For more information or personal demonstration, either online or in person, contact:

Mark Vitullo
Partner, DigitalDay

Phone: 330-940-2565

Custom Designed Website Solution for Small Businesses

At DigitalDay, we’re big believers in the power of beautifully designed, well-branded, search engine optimized websites for all businesses, large or small.

We also believe it’s very important to update your business’ website on a regular basis to keep it fresh, current and alive in the search engines while encouraging visitors to return often.

Integrate WordPress to Bring Your site to Life

For small businesses, DigitalDay offers a great solution in the form of a WordPress integrated custom design providing a simple way to manage your content and update your website effortlessly.

WordPress is a free, open source blog publishing application. It features integrated link management; a search engine-friendly, clean permalink structure; the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles; multiple author capability; and support for tagging of posts and articles.

But, with the right strategy and design help, WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog. We work with small businesses to:

  • Define your online marketing and search engine optimization strategy
  • Design your site’s Information Architecture, write copy and create your site’s professional, custom design
  • Develop the HTML templates and integrate the WordPress platform into your site
  • Deploy your custom, content-managed site on our servers or yours

Original Content is the Key to SEO and New Business

When using WordPress for your website, we’ll set up a static front page that doesn’t look like a blog at all, and then have a link to “articles” area on your site, where you can easily publish content rich articles.

This articles area is a list of the blog posts that you create, and the content acts as “spider food” for the search engine crawlers. All you have to do is write and publish the blog post, and the article page gets updated automatically for you, and WordPress lets the crawlers know your site has been updated.

Regularly publishing quality articles and content to your website gives search engines more content to crawl, and provides value to your web site visitors. For example, if you are a Veterinarian, you can publish short articles that address the needs of your pet-owning market, as the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic has done with these recent articles:

The Sick Cat: A Master of Hiding Symptoms

Exercise! Healthy Living for Dogs and Cats

Microchip, a Decision for Peace of Mind

This is a great way to provide value to your visitors, and help your website rank better in the search results. And if your content is good, other people will link to your site, helping you even more.

And when your website is set up with WordPress, it takes minutes to post the articles, and Google finds them within a day or less. This means other people can find them too, and in turn find your website and your business.

How to Get Started

While the WordPress software is free, our services are not . . . sorry. Before you contact us, set aside website design budget of between $5,000 and $10,000. Then, to minimize your costs and the website’s design and development time, organize the following as best you can:

  1. Create an outline of all the navigation sections and pages that you’d want to fully describe your business
  2. Write copy or collect all of the information (brochures, press releases, etc.) that would populate each of those pages
  3. Gather up artwork and photos to support your information – or get a photographer to shoot it for you

The more you do up front, the lower your costs will be. If you don’t have the time or skill, we can do it all for you and we’ll provide a detailed estimate of our costs and manage the entire process.

For more information, contact us today to see if we can help your business get its fair share from online marketing.

Samples of our WordPress Integrated Work

To help give you a sense of how WordPress can look, take a minute to review these recent WordPress integrated sites we developed for our small business clients.

Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic

Conte & Company, CPA

Volunteers of Bow Wow Beach

A Cost-Effective Online Coupon Alternative for CPGs

June 10, 2010 1 comment

The jury is in — Printable Online Coupons are a very effective interactive marketing tactic. In addition to a coupon’s traditional marketing benefits (generating trial, demand and increased market share), on online coupon program can dramatically help improve a CPG marketer’s web metrics — increasing new site traffic and repeat visits, encouraging more robust registration, increase email opt-ins and build customer profiles.

DigitalDay Powered Coupon Program
An example of DigitalDay’s Coupon Engine on the R.W. Knudsen & Family brand site.

Study after study prove that online coupon usage, acceptance and redemption continues to increase. In a recent survey, PriceRunner reports:

  • Nearly three-fourths of consumers (73%) used at least one coupon they found online within the past six months. Almost one-in-five (19%) reported using online coupons six or more times in the past six months.
  • Online coupon usage increases with income – 48% of $75k+ households used online coupons at least 4x per year compared to 23% for less than $35k households.

Thanks to consumer demand and better controls, channel resistance to online coupons has practically disappeared. Retailers readily accept bar-coded online coupons and most of the larger CPG brands have incorporated printable coupons into their online programs. Retailers also have the right to reject printed online coupons so it’s important to implement a coupon program that minimizes rejection and, consequently, consumer dissatisfaction.

A unique micro-site for Florida Crystals whereby consumers choose how much to donate and save with the DigitalDay embedded Coupon Engine.

Online Coupon Delivery Options
Like any marketing program, an online coupon initiative should start with an objective-based, strategic plan. An interactive marketing agency, like DigitalDay, can help craft and execute an appropriate online coupon solution, from design to delivery.

To actually deliver the coupons for a client, DigitalDay offers two options:

A. We can coordinate a program with any of large coupon delivery companies like Coupons, Inc. or through affiliate programs like Typically, these larger coupon delivery companies require a significant set up fee per coupon ($2,500 +) and then charge $.10 or more for every coupon that’s downloaded by a consumer. They also require consumers to download an Active-X file.

B. We can license, integrate and manage our proprietary DigitalDay Online Coupon Engine Service which features:

  • No Active-X component to download
  • No additional per-download costs
  • Creating the coupon (graphic design, copy writing, bar code generation)
  • Integrating the DD Coupon Engine into your brand site or hosting the coupon on our servers
    Consumer registration and opt-in
  • Download limits either by consumer, for the entire campaign or both
  • Fraud protection through personalization (consumer’s name is printed on the coupon), print limits, database checks
  • Monthly Reporting (downloads, opt-ins)

For Baco Foil, a UK brand, we embedded the DigitalDay Coupon Engine to drive store traffic

Our typical full-service set-up fee for integrating the 1st coupon into an existing brand site is $3,500 which includes designing and building the branded landing page to compliment your site. Each additional coupon creative is $1,000 with no additional set up charges and no per-download cost. We’ll provide a custom estimate based on your specific needs.

To help launch a new product for American Greetings, DigitalDay embedded a consumer coupon into this brand site

Marketing the Online Coupon
Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. It’s important to market an online coupon program just as you’d do any other promotion. DigitalDay can help promote your coupons through a combination of email marketing, banner advertising, Pay-Per-Click, viral tactics or even rebuilding your brand site.

Through our partnership with Silverpop, the leading email delivery service provider, we often promote coupons in newsletters to dramatically increase open and click-through rates and, consequently, site traffic.

To support its seasonal product focus, Reynolds Kitchen's Newsletter promotes a new coupon every month

Retailers leverage DigitalDay Coupons to offer consumers discounts for Store Openings or other promotional periods.

Whether you’re a large national marketer ready to test the online couponing waters or a regional brand with a limited budget, DigitalDay will tailor a solution to meet your needs. For more information or an initial consultation, contact us.

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Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center

A recent visit to meet a client at the product design firm, Nottingham Spirk in Cleveland.

This is actually more to test how Photo Blogging works through Flickr.

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Through TAAN and SJN, DigitalDay gives clients global access, localized expertise

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

BOSTON/CHICAGO/CUYAHOGA FALLS (February 21, 2010) — DigitalDay’s network association, the Transworld Advertising Agency Network (TAAN), has announced a global alliance with the San Jose Network (SJN) that will share resources and expertise through the cooperative operations of both networks.

TAAN is a leading global independent agency network, and SJN is the largest MARCOM group servicing cultural convergent markets in the U.S. and Latin America. The alignment will create a significant footprint of expertise that spans every continent, with a combined network of 69 agencies in over 65 countries and 87 markets. The networks total $1.1 billion dollars in combined global billings.

Executives from both networks met in Mexico this past week to formalize the alliance and develop plans for leveraging their combined footprint to bring even greater opportunities to their members and clients. The global alliance of TAAN and SJN will allow member agencies and their respective clients to meet the challenges of an increasingly global marketplace with strategic and actionable solutions.

George San Jose, President and COO of the San Jose Network, partakes in Day 2 of the TAAN Winter Meeting in Cancun, Mexico February 19, 2010.

“This alliance is truly a game-changer for today’s brands and will provide expertise, local knowledge and insight into economically important regions and cultures,” stated Peter Gerritsen, president of TAAN. “Some of our members were looking to tap into the growing U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, and SJN delivered the best model to achieve that objective. Joining forces enhances all of our members’ expanded reach and capabilities,” he added.

All members of both networks are independent agencies, highly regarded in their respective markets. DigitalDay has been a TAAN member since 2007.

Clients who engage the networks for marketing programs in multiple markets can centralize all activity through TAAN and SJN Members instead of having to work with multiple agency partners around the world. The member agencies offer a unique agility by being specialists in their local markets, without the overhead costs and corporate bureaucracy of traditional multinational agency models.

“While the world has become smaller, media fragmentation and consumer sophistication have grown exponentially. This alliance allows each of us to converge our diverse marketing and channel expertise, from traditional advertising, to the full spectrum of digital and public relations, to better serve our clients in an incredibly complex marketplace,” said George L. San Jose, president & COO of SJN.

Speaking to the uniqueness of this new alliance, San Jose added, “As Peter and I first started talking, we quickly realized that we shared the same objective — to provide our Clients with the kind of powerhouse talent, spirit, innovation and agility that you can only find in best-in-class independent agencies.

TAAN (Transworld Advertising Agency Network) is one of the world’s oldest, largest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent advertising agencies. Today there are TAAN member agencies operating on every continent, in more than 47 markets worldwide. The TAAN network is built with the concept that shared knowledge and intelligence creates powerful insight in addressing the goals of agencies and marketers throughout the world.

The San Jose Network (SJN) is the largest marketing communications group servicing multicultural convergent markets in the U.S. and Latin America. Made up of best-in-class, independently owned agencies, SJN offers clients access to local expertise in 18 countries via a centralized management approach.

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Crazy Timeline for an Online Promotion

January 30, 2010 1 comment

We had a crazy week at DigitalDay. It began with a call from an agency partner and it played out like this:

Monday, January 25, 2010

9:38 a.m. —  “Mark, this is Stuart . . . can you meet with one of our clients this afternoon at 1:30? They need an online marketing plan to support upcoming store openings in February and March. ”

Stuart Glassman, Senior VP, Stern Advertising, Omnicom

1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Meeting in Beachwood: introductions, background, assignment: “Can you have a plan to us by Wednesday for a launch in two weeks?”

4:17 p.m. – Calls go out for online media quotes.

7 p.m. to 11 p.m. — First draft of online marketing plan sketched out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 a.m. to 8 a.m. – Refinements to marketing plan, start sitemap and wireframes.

10:38 a.m. – “Mark, this is Stu.  Do you have that plan done?”

Recon of client's store in Westlake to get brand feeling

3:00 p.m. – “Is it ready to present now?”

5:15 p.m. – “There’s been a change. We need to launch Friday, in four days.

5:16 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. – Draft new plan.

Wednesday, January 27

4 a.m. to 8 a.m. – Finish new plan.

9:30 a.m. – Present plan. “This is great . . . we’ll call you right back.”

9:45 a.m. – “Can you present to the CEO in Beachwood at 2 p.m.?”

Flash Banner Ad Storyboard

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Presentation, questions, explanations . . . approval.

4:15 p.m. – Text message to agency: “It’s a GO.”

4:16 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. – Wireframes, copywriting, media plans, design, begin programming, purchase vanity URL, partition server.

Thursday, January 28

7 a.m. – snowstorm

8:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Finalize presentation of initial banner ads and microsite designs, firmer media plans, programming continues

11:00 – Client unavailable, stuck in snowstorm, time’s ticking . . .

12:45 p.m. to 1:30 – Presentation of creative, media plan and feedback

1:31 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. – Refine creative, refine media plan, and refine estimates

4:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. – Final teleconference presentation to CEO.  Approved!

DigitalDay Crew working into the wee hours of the morning

4:46 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. Friday morn – Wireframe all assets, research SEO keywords, design all templates, build all flash banners (three sizes), break out HTML templates, program coupon and data capture, write Google AdWords, design emails, craft meta tags, program send to friend, write Twitter Tweet and Facebook wall post, renegotiate media.

Friday, January 29, 2010

4:35 a.m.Wellness Promotional Microsite for Crocker Park in Westlake, OH goes live.

Max-Wellness Banner Ads on

8:30 a.m.Flash Animated Banner Ads to

9:00 a.m. — Turn on Google Adwords

9:45 a.m. – Banner ads begin running. Program launched.

This was a herculean effort by everyone at DigitalDay. Not only did we pull off an impressive display of service and creativity, we supported all of our current clients without missing a beat.

And we had fun doing it.

Max-Wellness Crocker Store Promotion, with downloadable store coupon and Forward to 5 Friends promotion

apologies for the funky formatting of this blog post

Custom Creative Combined with Email Marketing Best Practices

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

With more than 10 years of dedicated online marketing experience, DigitalDay has become one of the nation’s leading providers of Email Marketing Services. Through our relationship with Silverpop, we’ve easily delivered 10’s of millions of opt-in email messages on behalf of our clients — all designed to drive traffic back to their websites, promotions or microsites.

To help understand the full range of our email service offering, you can download the PDF DigitalDay Email Marketing Services Jan 2010 which includes:

 Custom Branded Design & Creative Services
 Powerful Delivery & Best-In-Class Technology
 Personalized Landing Pages & Microsites
 Customer Data & Web Analytics Integration
 Email Reporting and Marketing Analytics
 Survey Creation Tools
 Email List/Data Management
 Transactional Emails & Messaging