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DigitalDay Supports Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

Cuyahoga Falls, OH – May 31, 2012 -The DigitalDay team showed support for Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month and team member Ryan Perry’s daughter, Madelyn, by sporting “I support Madelyn” t-shirts outside the DigitalDay office Tuesday, May 29.

Two-year-old Madelyn Perry had a stroke around the time of her birth, prompting the Perry family to raise awareness of pediatric stroke by lobbying the Ohio government. In February 2012, the Perrys read their testimony publicly, and Ohio declared May Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month.

DigitalDay team member Ryan says that there is not a lot of research currently being done about pediatric stroke. Raising awareness of the condition helps parents to recognize the signs and symptoms of pediatric stroke so they can get help and start early intervention therapy quickly.

Today, Madelyn is a healthy toddler who will be turning three in September. She takes physical and occupational therapy and dance classes several times a week to help stretch the muscles on the right side of her body that were affected by the stroke.

Proceeds from the “I support Madelyn” t-shirts worn by the DigitalDay team went to the Children’s Hemipelegia and Stroke Association (CHASA), a nonprofit organization that supports families and children who have been affected by pediatric stroke. For more information about pediatric stroke or to donate, visit

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