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Duck Tape takes Flight Under a New Website

It’s been a busy week for press releases from our clients. Shurtech Brands, owners of Duck brands which includes Duck® Tape, announced the launch last week of another DigitalDay designed and developed website: DuckProducs.com.

The new Duck brands website, designed and developed by DigitalDay, went live Monday this week.

This new Duck site combined four previously separate properties into one stronger, content-rich and content managed, online marketing presence.

Like many companies, Duck brands developed separate websites over the years to support different marketing strategies. Not only did this cause maintenance headaches, it confused consumers and diluted the brand’s messaging.

The old Duck Tape website, developed when the brand was owned by Henkel Corporation.

DigitalDay’s strategy to develop a consolidated site under a fresh, modern, brand-appropriate umbrella will have many benefits:

  • Engaged consumers will find richer content and return to the site more often
  • Search ranking will increase, yielding more traffic
  • Maintenance will be minimized

To help the client keep service costs down, DigitalDay implemented Sitecore’s Content Management System. This powerful tool will allow the client to make routine updates, product changes and review and approve consumer-generated content through an easy to understand interface.

So, without any further adieu, here’s the new release . . .

Duck brand Products Finds New Home on Web

-From duct tape to weatherstripping to moving and packaging, new site provides helpful tips and tricks to get it done-

AVON, Ohio (December 16, 2009) – Whether you’re a crafter interested in sharing some creative duct tape ideas, a DIYer looking for help with blocking out pesky drafts or a teen searching for unique ways to earn much-needed scholarship dollars, www.duckbrand.com – the new online home of Duck brand products – can help with these solutions, and more!

The site provides helpful tips and tricks for using various Duck brand products around the home, from Duck Tape® brand duct tape and weatherstripping to shelf liners, packaging tapes and more. In addition to accessing useful product solutions for both everyday and outlandish problems, visitors can submit their own ideas or comment on those submitted by others.

For Duck Tape enthusiasts, the new www.duckbrand.com is also home to the popular Duck Tape Club (offering fun and quirky uses for Duck Tape), the Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest (challenging high school students to wear duct tape to prom for a chance to win scholarship money) and Ducktivities (providing duct tape crafting how-tos and an option for crafters to upload their own creations).

Visitors are also encouraged to interact with the site through the Duck blog, which will provide seasonally relevant product information and other brand-related news; a discussion board for sharing experiences, new product ideas and craft inspirations; as well as social media integration with outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

For more information, please visit www.duckbrand.com.

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