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A New Brand and Online Marketing Strategy for Backgroundchecks.com

Our client, Backgoundchecks.com, just published the following press release regarding the new website and logo we helped them develop. This project was more than just a branding and website redesign project. DigitalDay played a key role in the complete re-tooling and repositioning of the company’s marketing strategy.

DigitalDay provided the strategy, branding, design and front-end templates for Backgroundchecks.com's new consumer website which launched December1, 2009.

Working collaboratively with Backgroundchecks.com’s marketing and IT department, we developed a search-engine-rich market segmentation strategy, created the new brand identity, and designed an intuitive eCommerce interface.

After the strategy, information architecture and design work, our technical team rolled up their sleeves to deliver the complete front-end of the site in Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC compliant templates. The client’s IT department then integrated the templates into their system.

Here’s the release . . .

BackgroundChecks.com Launches New Website, Products and Services for  Consumers

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dallas-based Backgroundchecks.com, a leading online background screening provider for Fortune 500 companies and provider of the #1 criminal convictions database in the industry, launched a newly redesigned consumer website that includes new consumer products services, and a new logo.

The new site, which launched on Dec. 1, comes as part of a total brand revitalization designed to better serve consumers with background check needs. The new website includes an interactive learning center with in-depth FAQs for all products, a Crime 101 page, search tips and  instructions for those who need help with online purchasing.

“When the site was redesigned, its overarching goal was to make it as  helpful as possible,” said BackgroundChecks.com SVP of Marketing and  E-commerce, Laura Kendall. “The opt-in for money saving discounts and promotions, quick guest checkout, the learning center and its overall user-friendliness combine to create BackgroundChecks.com as the online destination for consumer background check needs.”

The final portion of the revitalization comes in the form of a new company logo, designed to represent who BackgroundChecks.com brand and services.

Says Laura, “Our new logo represents all the data sources that we pull nationwide to compile the most comprehensive report in the market online. Moreover, it represents the ability for consumers to compile profiles on any individual they wish to monitor to protect themselves and their family.” 

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