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“Big Cans, Big Prices” — Make the Package Hero in CPG Marketing Design

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

When designing a website, email, online promotion, banner ad or any consumer marketing communication online or off, I always want the consumer packaged (CPG) product to be as large as reasonably possible. This helps reinforce brand identity by building awareness of the packaging.

Typically, CPG products compete on shelf with direct competitors. As an online marketing agency, it’s our job to help our clients build package awareness to help a consumer immediately recognize the packaging as they walk down the aisle. We may not be able to save someone from a panic attack, but we can help the consumers find our client’s product.

Moscow on the Hudson Coffee

Click to Play "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee" scene from Moscow on the Hudson.

Back when I worked for the advertising and sales promotion agency AROCOM Marketing Group, Chris Connors, the current CEO of Sherwin-Williams, was then but a lowly marketing communications manager in charge of, among other things, Sherwin-William’s Sunday supplements. His art direction credo was “I want to see Big Cans and Big Prices!”

Obviously, that stuck with me and I encourage all of the designers at DigitalDay to think that way too — or as much as reasonably possible. Here are some recent examples of some of our work where we do what we can to maintain the design and brand integrity while showcasing large packaging.

Reynolds Oven Bags

Reynolds Oven Bags launched last week to help support the holiday season with packaging as a strong element on the home page.


The new Smucker's Product Detail page designs make packaging the hero.


Baco Foil

Baco Foil's home page tells a photo story that moves from targeted lifestyle, to appetitie appeal recipe to the package that makes it possible -- at least that's what we're trying to suggest.


Food Supplement

Consumer products that are only sold online can also benefit from strong product packaging.

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