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Office Chatter: Design Patterns

Eric sent the following internal DigitalDay note out the other day, and it’s worth sharing:

Subject: Design Patterns

One thing we all deal with in every site we do are interface elements (like tabs, modal pop ups, etc).

Sometimes we pull from experience or other sites we’ve seen (which is great), but we’re also guilty of doing stuff because “it’s cool” or we just saw it on a site, or someone just made an extension so it’s easy in jQuery, or just because a client did the same. Adam and I were talking awhile back about trying to have a more structured approach to this; choosing things that best serve the content and the user for each case.

Helpfully, some clever and generous people have created huge libraries of these elements. This first in particular is great because it lists when you would want to use a certain technique vs. some other technique. There’s rationale, pros and cons, etc.


Also some good stuff here – http://www.welie.com/patterns/

And here – http://designingwebinterfaces.com/explore

So, whether we’re planning interface elements in IA, in design or in programming we can use links like these (and I’m sure there are others) to build things with a purpose and choose the right tool for the job. They can also serve as some fuel to help counter a client who insists on something we know isn’t the best way.


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