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How to Make Flash SEO-Friendly

The team here at DigitalDay is about to embark on a Flash-heavy website design and we want to make sure we’re minimizing any negative SEO impact.

In doing a little research, Dina, one of our designers found this article:

5 Steps for Building a SEO-Friendly Flash Site Using SWFObject and SWFAddress

The article outlines the following steps:

  1. Use SWFObject
    SWFObject is that it allows you to serve Flash to people who can support it and (X)HTML to people who can’t. Also, search engine crawlers index the (X)HTML alternate content you serve, meaning that if you put your content in there, it will get indexed.
  2. Create HTML pages for each of your flash pages
    For each of your Flash pages (home, about us, contact us, etc.), create an HTML page that mirrors its content. That means all the text, all the links, all the pictures, etc.  This will allow search engine crawlers to make proper sense of the content on the site.
  3. Use SWFObject and multiple Flash files to hide the content
    So you have all these pages, but you don’t want anyone who can support Flash to SEE them – only search engines. That’s where SWFObject comes in. On each of these HTML pages, you will use SWFObject to embed the same Flash file, but have the non-Flash content reflect the HTML you built.
  4. Use SWFAddress and deep linking to direct Flash users to the proper content
    SWFAddress allows you to read information from the URL and then use that within your Flash. The most common reason for doing this is to be able to do deep linking in Flash.
  5. Add a JavaScript call using SWFAddress to direct your Flash to the right section
    This helps direct users who come from a search engine to the right content within your Flash.
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