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Our Favorite Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of any online marketing strategy. Here at DigitalDay, we work with a number of SEO tools to determine the best results for our clients. Particularly, we use tools like Wordtracker, SpyFu, and Google Analytics to closely monitor the most frequently searched keywords, determine the best keywords for paid and organic searches, analyze traffic, and look to see where our clients’ competitors stand.

Wordtracker is a great tool to check for related keywords. I entered “scuba gear” and the site returned suggestions for “snorkel,” “dive equipment,” and “wetsuit” among others. From this point, I can enter any one of these keywords into another field to see how frequently they appear in Wordtracker’s database, which utilizes a metacrawler that queries major search engines for popular keywords.

SpyFu is a useful tool that checks the keywords and pay-per-click (PPC) keywords of any site. It’s helpful in strategizing a successful campaign–if you can see what your client’s competitor is using, you can concentrate on areas that your competitor is overlooking. By making the best use of this information, we can plan an effective organic search and PPC campaign.

Google Analytics, probably one of the most helpful tools (and the only free one) of the bunch, has an array of helpful features. From a basic overview of statistics to in-depth analyses of keywords, traffic sources, and visitor information, Google Analytics is the most comprehensive tool of the bunch.

By using these tools and others, we can formulate custom SEO strategies for our clients and help them attract the audiences they’re looking for.

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