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DigitalDay Cracks Google Top 10

A little over a year ago, DigitalDay began an experiment to see if we could optimize our website’s Google ranking for two specific search terms:  “cleveland web design” where we ranked #45 and “cleveland online marketing” where we had no ranking.

We created our current one-page site, worked some basic organic search engine optimization and watched as our ranking climbed.

Within a couple weeks of launch, we ranked in the top 10 for “cleveland online marketing.”  Last week, we were still ranked #6.

It’s taken longer for us to move up with the more competitive term “cleveland web design.”   For months we were stuck on the second page, sometimes slipping to the third. Even so, we were still seeing traffic increases and a higher volume of qualified inquiries through our website. Well, last week we cracked it coming in at #10.

Even though its performed well, we’ll soon put our one-page site to bed. Stay tuned for the the next re-design.

  1. July 6, 2008 at 12:02 am

    id have thought optimising a website that only has one page would take some doing! good work!

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