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Tracking Global Visitors for TAAN.org

Check out the new Global Visitors Map widget on the TAAN.org Home page.

Our DigitalDay programmers just now embedded this into the site we designed, developed and maintain for our colleagues in the Transworld Advertising Agency Network (TAAN). The map shows a quick snapshot of real-time and recent visitors to the TAAN site. If you click the small, green question mark below the widget (which we were unable to style), you’ll see a larger view of the map with city/country visitor information.

This idea came from TAAN president Peter Gerritsen, inspired by The Duffy Agency’s Sean Duffy. After visiting Brand Rants, Sean’ blog, Pete shot me an email yesterday asking if we could embed the FEEDJIT Recent Visitors widget Sean uses into the TAAN site.

We took a look at it, played with it and then found a different widget from maps.amung.us that provided a little more functionality and fit the TAAN.org brand a little better.

As I’m writing this blog, I just saw the third visitor pop in from Valenciana, Spain — very cool. Nacho, is that you?

Pete envisions keeping this “twitter-like” map up all day so he can try and guess who’s popping into the site and from where. It should also show site visitors the kind of global activity and interest the site draws, like another recent visitor just now from Spring, Texas.

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