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Cleveland Web Design, Web Programming and SEO Job Opportunities

March 29, 2008 Leave a comment

We’ve tried Craig’s List, Monster, Hot Jobs and even more creative ways to find quality talent in the Cleveland and Akron area.

Web design jobs in Cleveland

We’re hiring again but we’re very picky. If you’re web design pro with a strong portfolio and deep, relevant experience, we’d like to talk to you.

We’re particularly interested in senior web designers and web copy writers who understand how to translate a client’s marketing objectives into engaging, dynamic, world-class online marketing tactics for some of the web’s biggest brand name marketers.

To get a sense of our work, visit the DigitalDay website. If you think you’re strong enough, contact us through the site and be sure to include a portfolio.

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Sam’s Club Product Site up in One Day

March 22, 2008 Leave a comment

To help our new client, Backyard Leisure, support it’s Sam’s Club distribution, DigitalDay created this Woodridge Wooden Play Set mini-site in one day.

This was a concerted effort by Adam and Angelo to get the site up and running with help from Terra to get the Google and Yahoo! Pay-per-Click going.

Woodridge Wooden Play Set Mini-Site to support Sam’s Club

Luke White Fang D’Chaparral, 1998 — 2008

March 16, 2008 1 comment

Rest in peace, good boy.

Luke and Baby Dog at DigitalDay’s office in Peninsula, Ohio

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Can Web Advertising Last?

March 5, 2008 Leave a comment

While hunting for something wonderful to blog about I came across an article on the BBC Web site that caught my interest. The column discusses whether advertising has a real future on the Internet.

I for one think advertising has a very strong future on the Web and possibly in software. I think my generation is heavily to blame. I happen to be a product of Generation Y, which seems to be more commonly referred to as the “Millenials” these days. However you choose to refer to us, a very large number of us have somehow gotten the idea that things should be free. I’m not really sure where this belief came from, but it sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We’ll throw down thousands of dollars for a computer, but we don’t want to pay for the media or software that goes on it. It’s pretty apparent that this applies to media more so than anything else. If we care to read news sites, such as the New York Times, we don’t want to pay extra for archived material. So what’s a publisher to do? In more and more cases, the answer seems to be advertising.

Advertising probably can’t work in all cases and it can be tricky to include it without being too intrusive, but it looks to be a popular solution. When the New York Times canceled its paid TimesSelect service a few months ago it integrated the content into the rest of the site and added ads to compensate (you still need a free account to access it). Even the BBC advertises on its international site these days to account for people outside of the U.K. who aren’t paying a license fee.

Maybe Napster is to blame, but the Millenials have been getting so much content for free that it’s going to be incredibly difficult to justify a higher price (if at all possible). With advertisers strongly interested in my generation and content providers struggling to make a buck they’ve begun to found some ground to work together. No, advertising on the Web definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Source: BBC News – “The writing is on the wall for ads”

My Brands Online Grocery Website Goes Live

March 5, 2008 1 comment

Rochester, New York — Shane Geisheimer, DigitalDay’s Technical Partner, spent the past weekend in Rochester, New York at the My Brands headquarters, overseeing the launch of the new My Brands website, an online store with a custom Customer Service Management application and an integrated warehouse application.

On Sunday night, March 2nd, at 6 p.m. the new site went live and orders immediately began streaming in. “Everyone is extremely pleased,” said Shane. “My Brands is thrilled with the site’s design, improved usability, increased speed and, of course all of the enhanced functionality with the new warehouse system and customer service application. My Brand’s clients, many of the country’s leading packaged goods manufacturers, have called or emailed with congratulations and with enhancement ideas, many of which we’ll get to soon,” said Shane.

This ecommerce project was a monumental custom programming effort. DigitalDay’s Dan Ciammaichella, the technical architect, manager and programmer for this project led the technical team who included Sean O, Adam W, Brandon S, our new friends at Core, the warehouse management software company, and Shane.

While everyone at DigitalDay played a role in the successful launch of this site, Dan’s diligence and leadership were instrumental to its successful launch. Thanks Dan.

Now let’s get ready for Phase 2.

My Brands Online Grocery