Just when the absence of new episodes of The Daily Show was beginning to take its toll on me, a reason to celebrate the writer’s strike may have emerged from the rubble…for online marketers anyway.

This morning’s VOX newsletter reports that this winter’s writer’s strike may be causing problems beyond disrupting your personal TV-viewing habits – primarily for television ad sales.

The strike, expected by VOX to continue through December and into January, has brought television program production in both the US and Canada to a screeching halt leaving advertisers stuck with reruns and stale content on which to hang their sacred ad budgets. Naturally, this isn’t what advertisers bargained for when they originally bought air time.

Many television outlets that can afford it have taken to offering up added value to advertisers in the form of additional on-air placement or real estate in related network media. Those that can’t afford it can probably expect a rapid decline in ad sales and many a’ sleepless night for their sales departments.

That got me thinking…

So where will all of those displaced television ad dollars go? “Online” is the logical answer. Could the strike provide a final tipping point in TV advertising’s fall from grace, impacting an industry already struggling to stay afloat in a world where DVRs and online program viewing have already challenged the status quo and revolutionized the way the world digests media messages? And if so – is it wrong for us to be, y’know, happy about this?

I sure do miss The Daily Show, so for now the jury is still out.

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