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Value-Billing, Moonshine and a New TAAN President

The Transworld Advertising Agency Association (TAAN) held its 2007 Summer Meeting for U.S. agency principals in Gatlinburg, TN this past July. Hosted by Buddy McLean in The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, highlights from the four-day meeting included a Value-Based Pricing presentation, the induction of TAAN’s new president and first class Smoky Mountain hospitality washed down with home-grown moonshine.


Encouraging Value-Based Relationships and Billing

Tim Williams, the founder of Ignition Consulting Group and author of “Take a Stand for Your Brand”, encouraged agencies to “burry the billable hour” and focus on how agencies can get paid for the value they provide instead of the hours they work. William’s presentation was a follow-up to a value billing presentation at TAAN’s International meeting in New York City delivered by Ron Baker, founder of the VeraSage Institute.

According to Williams, “No other professional service business gives away its most valuable product the way agencies do. Most agencies agree that it’s ironic for a creative services business to charge for work but not ideas, for physical property but not intellectual property. Agencies are in the ideas business, yet base their compensation structures as though they are in the production business.”

Peter Gerritsen Takes Over TAAN Presidency

After a 10-year reign, Gary Lessner retired as TAAN’s President and was succeeded by Peter Gerritsen with the occasion marked by a farewell dinner and roast of the outgoing Gary. The complete history of TAAN will soon be available once TAAN’s new web site is launched.

Passing the Hat at TAAN
A mostly peaceful transition of power as Peter Gerritson, TAAN’s new president, dons a funny hat presented to him by out-going president Gary Lessner during the farewell dinner at Buckberry Creek Lodge in Gatlinburg to end the TAAN 07 Summer Meeting.

Photos from the Meeting in Gatlinburg
The following are snapshots from the TAAN 07 Meeting in Gatlinburg. Click on the photos for captions:

Matt Sonnhalter, Sonnhalter and Associates, and John Freebairn, Freebairn  and Company, mingle during the TAAN 07 Summer Meeting in Gatlinburg.

Jimm Flynn Tasting the Moonshine















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