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Web Design Survey at “A List Apart”

April 30, 2007 Leave a comment

A List Apart, an excellent web design resource, is conducting its 1st annual Web Design Survey. If you’re in the web business, take five minutes to participate.

I Took The Survey

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E-mail savvy Americans know how to deal with spam

April 4, 2007 2 comments

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) released it’s December 2006 survey results in which they sampled 2,252 Internet users from the the top U.S. ISP’s in order to gauge consumers’ views and behaviors towards spam.

According to the report, “The results showed that the average American is extremely email-savvy, and most have very specific opinions on email and spam and how to manage both.

  • 73 percent of respondents have used email for six or more years
  • over 80 percent check their email at least once per day.

Those surveyed also showed a familiarity and affinity for using “Report Spam” and “Unsubscribe” features, with over 80 percent of respondents using each of them to manage their inboxes.”

Additionally, consumers want greater support from their ISP’s, e-mail providers AND marketers in helping to manage spam:

  • 90 percent want an “Unsubscribe” tool
  • 80 percent want a “Report Fraud” button
  • 53 percent said they would be more likely to open an e-mail if it had a “certification icon” (marketers, take note)

The message marketers should take-away from the report:

Follow E-mail Marketing Best Practices

  • Give careful attention to the “FROM” address and “SUBJECT” line of emails.
  • Make it easier to “unsubscribe” than to “report as spam.”
  • Use the information provided by recipients who report spam to understand WHY they are dissatisfied with your email program.
  • Examine third-party options for certifying your practices.

A PDF of the ESPC Email Survey Summary is available.

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