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A Blast From Our Not-Too-Distant Past

A simple e-mail from my partner Shane greeted me this morn containing only a link to the following July 18, 2000 Business Wire news release. I’ll print the entire article here to save it for posterity.

DigitalDay Announces Release of GE Silicones Site Designed to Transform Plastics Industry


DigitalDay Corporation, a cutting edge Web Strategy and Development firm located in Cleveland, announced it has released GESilicones.com in association with GE Silicones located in Waterford, NY.

This world-class site sets a new standard in the plastics industry by delivering necessary data to chemists, specifiers, designers and purchasing agents in a unique informative way that will make their jobs easier.

At their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Silicones are always available to be researched and purchased on the site, through the personalized order suite known as My Silicones.com (TM). Complex customer needs can be resolved with the product information discovered through the Silicone Selector(TM) wizard and technical libraries.

Jim Zedella, President and Chief Executive Officer of DigitalDay noted, “Were extremely pleased to have been able to drive a transforming project of this magnitude in association with GE Silicones who is known for their Global Strength and E Business Innovation. Being first in the industry with such an interactive transactional tool sets GE Silicones as pioneering leaders and offers their competition an example to follow.”

“This revolutionary site transforms the way silicone products will be marketed and sold around the world and brings together existing channels of traditional distribution while allowing customers to gain the benefits of speed and direct contact over the internet,” said Mark Masten, General Manager for the E Business division of the Silicones group.

About DigitalDay

DigitalDay Corporation (www.digital-day.com) is one of the country’s most experienced Internet professional services firms. Founded in 1995, the Company has provided collaborative end-to-end solutions to many Fortune 2000 clients, including GE, Sherwin-Williams, BF Goodrich, National City Bank, and Federal Express. It has 77 multidisciplinary professionals, with headquarters in Cleveland and plans for a European office to open later in the summer.

About GE Silicones

GE Silicones, headquartered in Waterford, NY, is an operating division of GE Plastics and has major manufacturing facilities in Waterford, NY; Ohta, Japan; Leverkusen, Germany; and, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. It employs 3,500 people and manufactures more than 4,000 products for most major markets — including automotive, consumer retail, building and construction, health care, electrical and electronics, aerospace, cosmetics, specialty coatings, appliance and textile markets. GE Silicones is located on the web at http://www.gesilicones.com.

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