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New Talent Enhances DigitalDay

It’s tough to find talented web pros who can hit the ground running, make an immediate impact and fit into our eclectic culture. We hit the jackpot with the most recent DigitalDay additions.

Badminton whiz Songjue Pan, a.k.a. Jenny Pan, is a digital designer who comes to us from DigiKnow, another Cleveland-based interactive agency. Jenny has already proven herself as an excellent web designer who can also code – a bonus. She’s also currently finishing up her Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Kent State University.

Who would have thought an ex-IBM guy would be such a good fit with us? Apparently our newest web developer Scott Riggs did – and does. Scott’s programming skills read like a bowl of alphabet soup: C++, XML, CSS, SQL, and more. After his six-year stint with IBM, he had his own one-man web-building business for several years. After several years on his own, he opted to join DigitalDay to work in our creative environment – the health benefits helped, too.

Steve Miller, a.k.a. Steven Mercyhill, is DigitalDay’s newest Information Architect and Account Manager. A Cleveland State University grad and freelance writer, Steve’s a web veteran going back to before “the bubble” days. Like Scott, he had his own web business and joined DigitalDay for the opportunity to work on national, name-brand accounts.

Welcome all. Cha-ching!

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