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RFP Arrogance — when not to respond

Here are two great reason NOT to respond to RFPs:

City Of Fairlawn Website RFP

Q&A To Fairlawn RFP

They want a detailed web site solution, including design concepts, for free. The arrogance. Who has the time? Perhaps companies with dedicated sales forces can throw some B.S. together — but then who pays that overhead?

And then, more arrogance when those who are interested ask resonable (mostly) questions.

Sorry, we’re too busy with real work — hopefully the good agencies in town are, too.

A better way to choose a web design & development would be to:

  1. Define the high-level scope of the project.
  2. Establish a budget for the project
  3. Select two (maybe three) agencies based on experience, reputation and the quality of their published work.
  4. Communicate the project’s scope AND budget range to the selected agencies — and then offer invites to a kick-off presentation.
  5. To ensure you get the best thinking possible, establish a budget and offer to pay for the RFP development.
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