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What’s being searched for

eMarketer has put out their top keyword list of 2006:

And AdAge recently released a Search Marketing Fact Pack with the latest industry trends and data: (click on the cover image on the page to download the 52 page PDF).

What goes around . . .

January 28, 2007 2 comments

I just found a couple old DigitalDay magazine ads, both created by ex-partner Jeff Kahooilahala.

Here’s how the “old” company thought of itself circa 1999, touting it’s strength as the largest web design agency in the Midwest. It didn’t survive the the bubble burst:

DigitalDay Magazine Ad, Circa 1999

And here’s the 2001 ad announcing the re-birth of DigitalDay after shedding all that massive overhead:

DigitalDay Magazine Ad, Circa 2001

Time for a new ad, guys.

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A site worthy of a ’97 Vintage — Thanks, Lurene

January 28, 2007 1 comment

To help Mars, Incorporated launch a new business unit to have a presence for an upcoming trade show, Joe, Laura, Adam and Dan pulled together to develop the new Mars Veterinary web site — in less than a week. Thanks to the client’s generosity, we toasted this launch with a couple bottles of a ’97 vintage champagne.

Screen Capture:

Mars Veterinary

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Online Video Breakfast Promotion

January 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Hat’s off to Will, Nadine, Brad and Shane for this Smucker’s online video promotion featuring chef Jon Aston and author Miriam Weinstein.

Live Site: Smucker’s Better Beginnings Breakfast Program

Screen Capture:

Smucker’s Better Beginnings Breakfast Promotion

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New Talent Enhances DigitalDay

January 28, 2007 Leave a comment

It’s tough to find talented web pros who can hit the ground running, make an immediate impact and fit into our eclectic culture. We hit the jackpot with the most recent DigitalDay additions.

Badminton whiz Songjue Pan, a.k.a. Jenny Pan, is a digital designer who comes to us from DigiKnow, another Cleveland-based interactive agency. Jenny has already proven herself as an excellent web designer who can also code – a bonus. She’s also currently finishing up her Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Kent State University.

Who would have thought an ex-IBM guy would be such a good fit with us? Apparently our newest web developer Scott Riggs did – and does. Scott’s programming skills read like a bowl of alphabet soup: C++, XML, CSS, SQL, and more. After his six-year stint with IBM, he had his own one-man web-building business for several years. After several years on his own, he opted to join DigitalDay to work in our creative environment – the health benefits helped, too.

Steve Miller, a.k.a. Steven Mercyhill, is DigitalDay’s newest Information Architect and Account Manager. A Cleveland State University grad and freelance writer, Steve’s a web veteran going back to before “the bubble” days. Like Scott, he had his own web business and joined DigitalDay for the opportunity to work on national, name-brand accounts.

Welcome all. Cha-ching!

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Impact of Outlook 2007? Not much.

January 19, 2007 Leave a comment

The 2007 version of Microsoft’s Outlook no longer uses IE to display HTML email. Instead, it uses the less powerful HTML engine built into Word 2007.  Some low-lights:

— with no embedded players, say goodbye to video email, Flash-based email and even animated GIFs.

— worse, is the lack of high-end Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) features like float and position, as well as the ability to fine-tune padding and margins in table cells.

For a complete description, read “Word 2007 HTML and CSS Rendering Capabilities in Outlook 2007”

Fortunately only a small percentage of consumers use Outlook. According to MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2006, consumer e-mail client usage is:

  • 4% Outlook
  • 12% Hotmail
  • 15% Outlook Express
  • 19% Yahoo!
  • 20% AOL

Cheap Video Production = Cheap Product = Bad Brand Experience

January 19, 2007 1 comment

Here’s some bad advice from Internet Retailer in an article titled “Online video not necessarily an expensive proposition”:

 . . . a merchant can inexpensively set up an in-house video studio. “Buy a Mac, which comes with video-editing software built in, a high-definition video camera, Photoshop, and you have yourself a good little studio for around $3,000,”

Why stop there? You could buy a copy of FrontPage and you have an in-house web design agency. Or maybe pick up a digital camera and a roll of seamless and now you have a photo studio.

 These are fine ideas if you don’t care about your brand.

An Updated DigitalDay Online Marketing Capabilities Presentation

January 18, 2007 Leave a comment

DigitalDay Capabilites and Online Marketing Samples — PDF

Before heading out to a new business presentation, I thought I’d upload an updated overview of DigitalDay’s capabilities and online marketing examples.

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Internet Ad Spending Increase Continues

January 18, 2007 Leave a comment

According to TNS Media Intelligence, 2007 advertising spending increases across all categories is pegged at 2.6 percent — the smallest gain since the dark days of 2001. TNS is also predicting that internet ad spending will increase 13.4 percent this year.

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Why NOT to “fill that empty space”

January 14, 2007 Leave a comment

An excellent article on the use and effectiveness of whitespace: 

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